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We've been making and sharing music in the beautiful Burnaby Heights neighbourhood since 2002.
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About the Studio

We’ve been making and sharing music in the beautiful Burnaby Heights neighbourhood since 2002.

It’s a place of inspiration for us, a place of community and a place that we love. We’ve been fortunate to build lasting relationships with many families during our years here. It has been a pleasure to share our love of music with others and to see them discover their own unique connection to music.

We have a true passion for music education and can’t wait to share this love with you. Music is an essential part of a well-rounded life. It facilitates rich learning experiences that support children in reaching their full intellectual, social and creative potential. Staccato strives to provide programming that is inspiring so young students can attain these benefits and enjoy making music into their adult lives.

Today’s music student loves everything from Beethoven to Bruno Mars, and it is our goal to discover what makes them passionate about music. We aren’t afraid to be creative or explore lesser known genres! Music is an important part of life and we hope that it can be a part of yours, too.



Dustin and Kera Doherty

Owners & Directors, Staccato Music Studios
Staccato Music Studios in Burnaby, BC