Violin & Fiddle Lessons

Private Lessons: Burnaby Location

Many wonder if the violin and fiddle are two different instruments? Nope! they are the same. However, the word fiddle refers to the vibrant style of music that can be played on the violin.

This includes a wealth of lively folk tunes from around the world…from Scotland to Ireland, from Cape Breton to the American Appalachians, there is a wealth of rich and beautiful tunes that make learning rewarding! We offer lessons for children age 8 and up, teens, adults and seniors.

Beginners are  introduced to the basics including holding your instrument, bowing, fingering, and note reading. Students will also strengthen their musical ear as many of the traditional fiddle tunes will be learned by ear.  Lessons available for experienced fiddlers or violinists!

* Students enrolled in fiddle lessons will need to have a violin (fiddle) to bring to class and to practice at home. Rentals are available through local music stores such as Long and McQuade. Please advise us at registration if you are an experienced violinist or fiddler.  The instructor will consult with you at your first lesson to tailor the lessons to your musical goals.


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Available Times:

Mondays 4:30 pm

Wednesdays currently a waitlist


Group Lessons: Jammin’

Want to play in a band?  Check out our Jammin’ program!

Violin lessons and classes for kids