COVID-19 Update

MARCH 12, 2022



-Masks are optional in private music lessons but are required in group classes, including Music Together, for anyone 5 years old and up. 

-Students will need to wash or sanitize their hands before class.

-Please arrive no more that 5-10 minutes before your lesson as there will be limited occupancy in the waiting areas.

-Distancing and/or barriers will be employed in all studios for private lessons.

-Instruments used in private lessons will be sanitized between lessons.

-The HVAC system has been adjusted to allow for greater fresh air intake in the building.

-There will be zero tolerance for students coming in sick. They will not be admitted into the lesson.

Additional Policies Applicable to Music Together 

-Please note that only one caregiver or parent will be permitted to accompany each

 enrolled child. Additional guests will not be admitted.

-We have limited the class size to 10.

-We will not be providing instruments but we invite you to bring your own (egg shakers, rhythm sticks, and a scarf). Homemade instruments work well too!


Please do not attend your lesson if you or your child:

-Have a current COVID-19 diagnosis

-Have symptoms (including but not limited to fever, chills, persistent cough, difficulty breathing, loss of sense of taste or smell, sore throat, vomiting, and/or diarrhea) 

Are waiting for COVID-19 test results

-Have been in close contact to a person with COVID-19

-Have returned from travel outside Canada within two weeks or less or have had close contact with someone who has


Contingency Plan:

We reserve the right to return to online learning if we deem it necessary to ensure the health and safety of our students and teachers.  Please ensure that your e-mail address is up-to-date with us, as any notifications will be sent via email. Notifications will also be posted on our studio voice mail.

We want to keep safely making music with you as we know how valuable music is to everyone’s well-being. We are excited to keep supporting you or your child in your musical learning!

Kera Doherty
[email protected]

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